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Mission Statement

While meeting the Massage Therapy needs in the Tri-Cities since 2004, we have enjoyed introducing clients to the benefits bodywork brings! Striving to offer the latest in treatments that refresh the body mind and soul is our specialty. 

Our Talented Staff

Kimberly Cowden

Founder & Owner

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Kimberly practiced in Fort Oglethorpe, GA after completing a 1000-hour program of study at Tennessee Institute of Healing Arts, Chattanooga, TN in 2003. Completion of this program resulted in a certification as a Neuro Muscular Therapist (CNMT).

She started her journey as an establishment owner in 2004 and hasn’t looked back! Kimberly is currently not practicing and focused on studio management and operations.

Catherine Porche

Studio Coordinator

Catherine has a degree in Fine Art from LSU and has 24 years customer service experience. She has a passion for connecting people with services that improve their day and overall wellness and excels at problem solving to help keep the studio running smoothly.

Catherine porche - Studio coordinator

JaLisa Leake

Customer Service Specialist

Jalisa leake - Customer service specialist

JaLisa is an Asheville native who relocated to Johnson City in 2015. Having a large family, with a full house and busy schedule, she has lots of patience and always maintains a smiling face. She has been in customer service for over 18 years and helping others is her passion.

Briana Gray

Licensed Massage Therapist

Briana is a 2009 graduate of Reflections of Health School of Massage in Johnson City, TN. She specializes in a blend of relaxation and deeper tissue techniques to customize a massage to your specific needs. If you need focus on neck and shoulders she is the therapist to book.

Briana gray - Licensed massage therapist

Melissa Kilgore

Licensed Massage Therapist

Melissa kilgore - Licensed massage therapist

Melissa is a 2002 graduate of Holston Institute of Healing Arts that was previously in Johnson City, TN. She offers a therapeutic massage with moderate to deep pressure and trigger point therapy. She also specializes in reflexology, prenatal massage and scalp massage.

Christina Stitt

Licensed Massage Therapist

Christina graduated from the National Massage Therapy Institute in Wilmington, DE in 2007. Her specialties include trigger point work, Table Thai massage, reflexology and prenatal massage. She enjoys working with clients new to massage as well as those wishing to add

Christina stitt - Licensed massage therapist

Leanna Fender

Licensed Massage Therapist

Leanna fender - Licensed massage therapist

Leanna graduated from Reflections of Health School of Massage in 2019 and offers relaxing Swedish Massage integrated with Deep Tissue. Her goal for each session is to bring comfort and ease tension for her clients

Gideon Pogue

Licensed Massage Therapist

Gideon graduated from the Healing Mountain Massage School in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 2015. He specializes in Deep Tissue, Injury Site, Medical and Sports Massage to promote better circulation and overall peak physical and mental wellness.

Gideon pogue - Licensed massage therapist

Johanan Davis

Licensed Massage Therapist

Johanan Davis - Licensed massage therapist

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JamieLee Kreutz "Pookie"

Licensed Massage Therapist

JamieLee a.k.a. Pookie graduated from NY College of Health Professions in 2015. Certified in Reflexology, Prenatal, and Aromatherapy. She has a passion for international massage theories incorporating Amma and Swedish techniques into every session.

Keli Smith

Licensed Massage Therapist


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