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Benefits of massage

  • Eases aches and pains
  • Reduction of anxiety and depression
  • Aids in muscular rehabilitation
  • Increases mobility of joints
  • Can decrease or eliminate chronic pain
  • Increases circulation and lymph flow

Benefits Explained

Massage Therapy helps reduce aches and pains by working out trigger points and hypertonic areas that can cause discomfort. Deep tissue massage is a great modality to treat painful areas and can also help to increase mobility.

Massage encourages the body to secrete endorphins which can effect mood and give an overall sense of well-being. This makes it a great tool to help combat stress and depression.

Elite and recreational athletes alike can benefit from various types of massage techniques. cause the muscles to relax and also assist removal of lactic acid. This helps tremendously with recovery time and performance.

Scheduling regular massage can have a cumulative affect that encourages longer results and lessons the incidence of injury or pain. Many studies have cited the benefits of massage.

What To Expect

Please arrive 10 minutes before your session to complete a client intake form, discuss any needs with your therapist and inform them of any preferences or concerns. Our studio is by the Johnson City Mall so make sure to allow for time during high traffic.

You are provided complete privacy while preparing for your session. For full-body massage you may choose to undress completely or wear undergarments. Your comfort is our main priority and your privacy is respected at all times as you are covered with a sheet.

Massage tables are heated, if you choose, to enhance relaxation. Lotion will be applied, as required in most types of massage, to assure easier application of techniques.

Therapeutic work requires deeper pressure than relaxation massage. There can be some discomfort but massage should never be extremely painful. Please inform your therapist if the pressure is too intense or too light. Our goal is to learn your preferences and design a massage especially for you! Check out our Services page for Add-On Services.

Massage therapist performing foot massage

Massage FAQ

  • Do not schedule an appointment if not feeling well or  have been exposed to a contagious disease such as Covid.  If you have tested positive for Covid please wait a period of two weeks before scheduling. Thanks for helping keep our staff and clients safe!
  • You should refrain from booking and consult a physician if you have any type of contagious skin condition or flare-up of chronic skin condition such as Eczema.
  • Expectant mothers should wait until after their first trimester to get a massage.
  • Massage is off-limits if you are undergoing chemotherapy or other intensive medical treatment.
  • If you have had a recent injury, surgery or other treatment of other health condition you should consult your physician and get approval first.

You should undress to your level of comfort. Feel free to disrobe completely or keep on undergarments, whatever makes you most comfortable. You will be covered with a sheet and blanket so your privacy is assured.

Deep tissue massage can be a bit uncomfortable when treating tight muscles and trigger points. However, massage should never be extremely painful. Too much pressure can actually cause the muscles to tighten and make the massage less beneficial. Therapists can apply techniques to get deeply into the muscles but that doesn’t mean the pressure has to be so intense it hurts!

Be sure to let your therapist know if the massage is too light or too intense and they will adjust the pressure accordingly.

Not to worry! It is very common for clients to fall asleep during a massage. Your therapist will take this as a compliment that you are relaxed enough to drift off!

Some enjoy having conversation during their massage and others prefer to be quiet. Our goal is to make sure you are comfortable! If talking helps you unwind and relax then feel free to do so. Also, let your client know if the pressure is not adequate or the temperature is too cool.

Some choose to get massage occasionally to relax and others prefer more frequent sessions. Massage is most efficient at treating tight muscles and helping with stress when it is performed on a regular basis. Some of our clients come monthly and others, weekly. Talk to your therapist and see what works best for you.

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